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A Sustainable Exploration

Circular Landscapes

Time has come for luxury to give a new meaning to preservation, both for natural and human ecosystems. Welcome to Circular Landscapes, where real and authentic luxury grows.

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From innovation needs to innovation territories

LVMH OpenLands is the collective result of the annual “Innovation Needs Review” (INR). The INR initiative is led by LVMH Open Innovation department to gain a better understanding of Maisons’ innovation priorities. 

Over 100 Talents were interviewed across LMVH Group and Maisons from every sector. The effort put into this listening process gave way to over 150 identified needs, that have now been translated into the immersive exploration of LVMH future innovation territories. 

With OpenLands, a first step has been taken to understand and respond to Maison’s innovation needs, inspire them and, together, co-create the future of luxury.

La Maison des Startups
La Maison des Startups
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